About us

Our mission

We make the clothes that make the gentlemen.

And by doing so, we strive to be an example of a new type of fashion industry. 

Our vision

We don't aspire to become the biggest fashion brand. 

But we do aim to be the most stylish and the most sustainable fashion house. 


We believe men's fashion needs to flatter a man's physique, wether he spends all his time in the gym, in the pub, or on the couch. By building a bridge between ready-to-wear and bespoke tailoring, we offer gentlemen of all body types a way to dress up in comfort and style. 

Our values


Craftsmanship - All our products are 100 % Handmade in Belgium.

Our own team of tailors are responsible for our production. This is the shortest possible production chain. And it allows us full quality control.


Slow Fashion

We don't change our designs every season. Our collection is timeless. There is no rush to get our products in and out as fast as possible. 


No Mass Production

Overproduction is a big part of what is wrong with Fast Fashion. We prefer to handle our fabrics and haberdashery responsibly. 


Location Location Location ... and it's always right here

We don't want our products to travel back and forth unnecessarily, in any stage of production. That's why we try our best to find our raw materials locally.



Our garments have extra seam width where possible. If necessary, simple alterations by your local seamstress can give a perfectly tailored fit. If you gain or lose a size, the extra fabric can easily accomodate this.


Social Responsibility

No hidden sweatshops. No cutting corners in cutting production costs. No skeletons in our closet.  
We don't outsource our production. That way we - and you - know for sure that our tailors are happy.

Style Without Compromise

We put style and class above fashion for all our designs. 

Being a slow fashion brand allows us to perfect the style and fit of all our garments. 


We forage fabrics and haberdashery that brings out the best in our designs.  And for our designs, we combine the most flattering details of classic gentlemen's fashion with a modern, comfortable fit.


Our garments are ready to wear.  But made to measure alterations are no problem thanks to our short production chain. 

The best way to get your clothes tailored to your size, is to make an appointment. 

Although we love the artisinal craftsmanship of tailoring, we do online appointments too. 


No snobbism. Our brand is high quality, sustainble fashion. But we want it to be fun as well. 
Who cares what the name of a type of collar was 150 years ago? We let you wear shirts called 'the Butcher', and 'the Pirate'.
Because if you can be a Pirate, always be a Pirate.