Excalibur is a collection of exclusive gentlemen's wear, designed and handmade in Belgium by Lady of the Lake Tailoring.

Retro / historical inspiration

Our garments have a modern fit. Yet they are styled to bring back the most flattering details of gentlemen's fashion of the Victorian era and the first half of the twentieth century.


We have put class and style above fashion for all our designs.

The Excalibur style is not for every man. But not every man can be a classy gentleman, now can he?


We don't do mass production. This way our garments are always limited edition.

 You can find our collection at local retailers. They can also advise you on fitting adjustments, if necessary.


Bespoke tailoring is the best way to get your clothes perfectly tailored. 
Get in touch for an appointment. 

Tailored fit

Our garments have extra seam width to allow fitting adjustments for a perfectly tailored fit, if necessary.

you can find an overview here

Handmade in Belgium

Belgium is a beautiful little country, known for its chocolate (for the ladies), its beers (for the gents), and of course the production of Excalibur Exclusive Gentlemen's Wear.
Yes, all of our production-magic happens in Belgium.
Our garments are handcut, sewn and finished in our own workshop.