Update Covid-19

We've had a strong connection with barbershops from the very beginning of our brand.  The Corona measures have only made our sympathy for barbers stronger.

As we are a small business ourselves, we completely relate to the hardship barbershops are facing while they were being forced to close shop. 

We hope the sales of beard masks can help with creating some revenue in these dark times. 

Please contact us for our wholesale conditions for beard masks.

You would like to adopt Excalibur Exclusive Gentlemen's Wear in your product range as a retailer? Cheers!
Contact us, and we will get back to you to show you our full collection and discuss all possibilities.

Why would you want to offer Excalibur to your customers?

Well, it's an awesome brand, with exclusive designs in handmade quality.


For retailers, we love to go the extra mile. 

You get to make your own selection with options in models, fabric and finishes.

If the offered fabrics  don't fit with what you have in mind for your product range, we try to find alternatives that will satisfy.

 We keep the production chain as short as possible, which allows us to make adjustments in designs if our retailers ask for them.

This short production chain also means we don't have minimum order amounts. We are serious about sustainability: no overproduction.

Production time is relatively short, because our garments don't travel around the world before they are finished.

 For retailers, we use personalised labels and tags. 

We try to make sure different retailers don't select the same options from our collection, to maintain exclusive selections.

Because our garments have extra seam allowance, it is easier to provide tailoring service for your customers.