Beard masks

We designed our beard masks, to make face masks comfortable for bearded gentlemen.

Regular face masks damage the beard, cause a lot of discomfort and simply don't fit a bearded face.


We have been producing facemasks since march 2020, and our beard masks followed july 2020.

All the fabric used is 100% cotton ( OEKO tex 100 standard), prewashed to prevent shrinkage.  


Like all our items, our beard masks and their accessories are 100% handmade in Belgium.
Thanks to our local production, our stock is constantly replenished and we can deliver without delays.

3 Sizes

In short, medium and long, every beard has a right size mask.

The extra length and the shape ensure there is no pressure on the beard, thus preventing the much feared 'beard dent'. 

Beard pocket

These masks have an integrated beard pocket, to enclose the beard. This way, the mask fits closely to the face, no matter how thick the beard is.

Nose wire

The stainless steel nose wire prevents glasses from fogging up and makes sure the mask doesn't shift. 

Hygienically packed

Hygienically and individually packed.

Includes: instructions for care and use, and a paper bag for storage after wear. 
The plastic packaging is reusable.

Laundry bag

Most of the customers that shop for our beard masks, don't own a laundry bag themselves. To make it easier to care for their masks, we offer laundry bags as well. For some reason, gentlemen prefer a laundry bag that's readily available, over visiting a lingerie store.

Reusable filter

We produce filters that fit our masks. 
These filters can be machine washed (at least) 25 times at 60°C.
The material we use is 100% polypropylene, and certified 'Covid-19 approved' by EN 14683 standard,  with a filtration efficiency of 90% (BFE). 
We have not had this material tested or certified ourselves. 
These filters are not medical-grade PPE.

Available colors

More colors available on request.

Denim Black (Heavy)

Denim Blue (Heavy)


Light Denim Black

Light Denim Blue

Mixed Gray

Mixed Blue

Midnight Blue

Navy Blue

Steel Blue

Dark Gray





Warm Gray

Wine Red

Olive Green

Corduroy - 100% cotton

Corduroy Black

Corduroy Charcoal

Corduroy Gray

Corduroy Brown

Corduroy Beige

Corduroy Ocher

Corduroy Wine Red

Corduroy Dark Blue

Corduroy Royal Blue

Corduroy Green

Corduroy Petrol

Corduroy Turquoise

Custom color options are possible.