Unsure about the size? 
Add your measurements in the comment box with your order, and we'll make sure you get the right size, no matter what size you've chosen.

All garments can be altered afterwards for that perfect tailored fit.

When trying to find your right size, you'll find our size chart rather helpfull.


To find the right fit, choose the size closest to your own measurements.

If your measurements are closer to a size slightly smaller in our chart, there is extra width in the seams of our garments, allowing tailored fitting afterwards.
This is not the case for shirts, however.

For regular fit shirts, choose the size of the collar.

For tailored fit shirts, choose the size of the collar, but make sure the chestline and waistline are wide enough.
When we say 'tailored fit' we do indeed mean 'tailored fit'. You'll find there is nothing 'baggy' about Excalibur gentlemen's wear.