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Classic style with an attitude

White classic dress shirts for men, 8 classic shirt collars and a back shot of a white tailored dress shirt on a mannequin with classic suspenders and sleeve garters


Excalibur Belgium fits right in with the classic gentlemen style:

Fashion from the good old days, with a modern Rock & Roll twist.


We have updated the old school shirt collars, and renamed them with more attitude.
Why wear a club collar shirt, when you could be wearing 'The Butcher'?


Our ties, sleeve garters and suspenders look great next to a range of grooming products.
And of course, we have wholesale conditions for barbershops.

Exclusive, Local, Sustainable


We're a local brand, based in Belgian Limburg.
All of our production happens in-house, with great care for sutainability. 

We work in limited series, so our collection is always exclusive.

Unique Personal Shopping Experience


A visit to your barbershop is so much more than just a haircut and a shave.

Why not add to that experience?


By hosting an Excalibur on Tour event you can offer your clients a unique personal shopping experience in the style they love.

Excalibur Belgium on Tour - Victorian steamtrunk filled with Stylish menswear

How it works


Get in touch to plan a Tour event in your barbershop.
You invite your clients to book an appointment with us for the day of the event in your shop.

On the tour event itself, we present Excalibur to your clients, in style.

Guest browse and fit our collection. We take their measurements and discuss their preferences in fabrics, finishing and fit.

After the event, we take the orders into production and deliver them back to your barbershop.
Your clients can pick up their orders with their next appointment and leave with a fond reminder of our joint event.

Why it works

Tailoring - Made to measure and bespoke tailoring by Excalibur Belgium


We are tailors.

Our collection is made to the measurements of your clients and to their specific preferences.

At an Excalibur on Tour event, gentlemen get the experience of having their outfits tailored. 

But they don't have to take the time to come to a tailors workshop.


There are not costs involved with hosting a tour event.

On the contrary, it creates extra revenue.


We try to bring in new clients for your barbershop as well.

We also do ...

Attire for barber teams


We can fully customise our outfits for barbers. This allows you to work in style.

But it also provides practical solutions for daily professional wear.

Dressing sharp can in fact be very comfortable.

Custom Tour Events


A private shopping event for a grooms wedding party attire, or any special occasion you can come up with....

If it fits our style, we'll be there.



We are always open to collaborations.

If you have an interesting idea, don't hesitate to contact us. 

The more creative and original, the better.